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Rudy Tibuni, Author at Masergy

Rudy Tibuni serves as Director, Product Management for Cloud Communications at Masergy, leading the UCaaS and CCaaS products. Tibuni brings more than 25 years of experience, gathering knowledge based on analytics to create rich experiences for customers. Prior to joining Masergy, Tibuni served as Director of Product Management for Harman International, driving the portfolio of A/V products to the cloud. He was also Head of Product for Spark Calling (now WebEx Teams Calling) for Cisco Systems. Ad

From norming to performing: Getting hybrid work into shape for 2022 —

In 2020, companies were trying to figure out how to work from home.

In 2021, remote work became the new normal.

For 2022, hybrid work models need to perform for IT organizations as the new permanent way of doing business.

Ask psychologist Bruce W. Tuckman to summarize this trend, and he would quickly recall the developmental stages of: “Storming, Norming, Performing.” Tuckman’s framework for team development was originally published in 1965 and his memorable phrase still holds true, as it cle

Masergy UCaaS services now available in more European countries — Masergy

I am excited to announce that Masergy has expanded our unified communications (UCaaS) offering with services now available in Portugal, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Hungary. Today, Masergy can deliver full public switched telephone network (PSTN) replacement with local telephone calling services that span a total of 29 countries, giving clients a reliable communications experience in more major European cities and regions.

Masergy’s strategy is to empower high-performance collaboration all across

Understanding unified communications in the new world of remote and hybrid work — Masergy

Employers are now clearly seeing the productivity and cost benefits of work-from-home and hybrid work, and it’s all thanks to collaboration applications and cloud-based Unified Communications (UC).

As offices shut down across the globe, cloud UC went from a fast-growing sector of the enterprise communications market to arguably the single greatest investment for business continuity, productivity, and customer experience. Unless your company has 100% of its employees working in-office 100% of th

UCaaS with Cisco Webex: Collaboration that’s as complete as a supreme pizza —

Video conferencing is how business gets done these days, which explains why Cisco’s Webex products have taken a prominent position in the collaboration space. It holds 1/3 of the market share today–and even more when you look at Fortune 500 companies. Things are really heating up for Webex, too. Their new wave of Webex innovation, WebexOne, is likely to draw even more fans in 2021.

But even if Webex is winning today’s collaboration feature wars, the applications alone don’t check all the boxes

Moving contact centers and communications to the cloud: A guide to the hybrid cloud approach —

Hybrid cars, hybrid applications, hybrid storage. If you feel like everything is going “hybrid” lately, you’re not alone. In the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) space, we talk about hybrid clouds, hybrid deployment, and hybrid networks.

But with some reports showing that more than 85% of companies want to use hybrid cloud unified communications, buyers must be able to navigate all the hybrid speak, understanding both hybrid cloud approaches an

Cloud UC and SD-WAN: Why they’re better together —

The benefits of cloud-based unified communications (cloud UC) are big. Nemertes Research shows that Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) adopters are seeing verifiable improvements. Of those who measured their success with a workplace collaboration project, 66.1% measured improvements in efficiency, 45.5% had measurable cost savings, and 24.1% had quantifiable increases in revenue. What’s more, cloud UC isn’t just for small companies anymore–30% of companies with more than 2,500 employees

Perfect VoIP and Video Conferencing: How to Avoid Digital Mush —

Everyone knows digital mush…. It’s the moment your video call becomes a half-frozen conversation with a space alien. It’s the moment your global conference turns into oral garbage at the exact moment the CEO announces quarterly bonus payouts. For users and IT folks alike, digital mush is maddening. Here’s how to ensure your VoIP and real-time communications are crystal clear.

Removing Latency and Jitter from the User Experience

The quality of the user experience is determined by the IT network

Masergy and Cisco Offer a Smooth Migration Path to the Cloud — Masergy

With corporate strategies favoring a cloud-first approach and with the unified communications market moving away from on-premise solutions, it’s not a matter of if you’re moving communications to the cloud but rather how seamless your migration will be.

Cisco is partnering with Masergy because of our expertise as a cloud migration enabler. As one of the original 30 Broadsoft adopters, Masergy has been well-versed in Broadsoft’s product portfolio since 2004 and has industry-tested cloud migratio

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